Escape to Glitch Mountain


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Escape to Glitch Mountain is a concept album picture book by OWWLS inspired by jpg glitches run through Google Deep Dream. You should download it to your iPhone and listen and read-along to lyrics and look at the pictures with headphones. OWWLS is not for children and is not from Japan


released July 15, 2015




OWWLS San Francisco, California

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Track Name: King Monkeyfrog
Mango, Mango
Juice wart, Juice tart
Frogpipp slugpop
let's bang on the kazoo
lickety splot
slugpipp, friend or foe
Track Name: Cufflink Snake of Rainbow Chalice
Get up get up get down
Cufflink snake Cufflink huah
Cufflink snake of Rainbow chalice
Rainbow (Whut?) Rainbow (hey!)
Rainbow chalice
Cufflink snake of rainbow chalice palace
(Hey! He's one he's one!
Get on the arms, get on the face!)
Cufflink snake of rainbow pal-lace
Don't lay eggs in there, no, no
don't lay that snake egg there
Track Name: Mr. Abadampus
When it's late and there is no light
Who hides under the bed at night?
No one knows how many children he eats
But he is waiting to grab your feets
He's laying snug beneath your bed
If you shout you're surely dead
If mom looks he'll disappear
but when she leaves he'll still be there --
Mr. Abadampus.
His bloody deeds will be done
When you hear the creak then you'll know
You want to wait but you should run
Ready, ready, ready, GO!!!
Track Name: Flutterseal Haters in Tape Deck City
Rainbow flutterseal
Maggot seal caterseal
Hands gone goofed up
(snail trail) Discoteque
Tape deck city
Chrysalis jailbreak
lookin' pretty
Haters on your trail
hands in a snail
haters cocoon soon
cuz you gourmet they wholesale
bounce around
tapedeck town
rainbow bridge to Oakland
from Sucka Free City
Track Name: A Jury of Eggs
You broke the chalice
rainbow chalice
punishment: a night
with mr abadampus.

Convince this court
you didn't intend it
Convince this court
You can't comprehend it
You didn't want to ever be a part of this
but you gotta convince
Judge Dogapillarpotamus

He's a big ol' dog with 700 legs
and he tries and convicts
with a jury of eggs
Snakeshell hell
Track Name: Lizardhen Investigator
Investigation of lizardhen
report from the crime scene
broken glass
a blister on rainbows
Respected lizardhen
tell us what you see
live on satellite TV
Track Name: A Courthouse Hatches
Crick crack slow black
tear on snakeshell
Peek out
Lizard, lobster cockenary
Little Red snake
blue snake pokey
head from leatheregg
green snake newthand
pokes from the jury seat

Adorable lizardsnake,
Abadampus is coming
to dine upon
tender leather
of judicial snakeskin

Court is adjourned
Track Name: Vulcan Sprinkleribbon
the rainbow court
the chalice

we expected
we saw only
octopus dog
with goathorn
from bubbles
of eggsnake
spirals of tail
volcanic rainbow

Open the book
of revelations
This is the book
of revelations

A rainbow lazar
emerging from earthcore
breaking crust
disabling hearthfrog
freeing lobstersnake

You look
toward lizardhen:
18 eyes
in the teardrop
every color of
rainbow chalice

Close the book
of revelations
This was the book
of revelations
We no longer
need this
for ourselves
Track Name: Return to Tape Deck City
King Monkeyfrog
Looks out upon his city
the bustle hussle
the frogglemumps
the timmy-gum
the buglehops
The egg march
the stack of sleevecuff
The tower of octopus
the dog advertisement
The bulbous swelling
of the chrysalis
resting upon the otterhead

Everything the same, again
The hero returns
to the palace of comfort
to gaze upon the court

Perhaps you broke the rainbow chalice
its is all ne'er-do-mind
the sprinkleribbon volcanus
hath rethored it
the egg jry hatching lizards
having left the nest
octodoggoathorn messiah
calls a mistrial

you return a hero
of yourself

king monkeyfrog
suspicious of your intent
but forgiving
but suspects
but forgiving
Track Name: Night Falls on Glitch Mountain